Heritage Estate Wedding Arroyo Grande

A culturally rich Heritage Estate wedding in Arroyo Grande. The bride’s Nigerian heritage was celebrated side by side with Western wedding traditions at this beautiful wedding.

Heritage Estate is a grand home located on a total of five acres in Arroyo Grande CA. While it is well-known as a vacation destination, it also serves as a beautifully scenic wedding venue. All in all, the venue can accommodate a wedding of up to 200 guests. Which made it an ideal wedding venue for Tracy and Alex. 

With guests flying in from Nigeria to celebrate Tracy and Alex, I knew that a grand wedding day was on the horizon. I was so incredibly honored and humbled to capture a wedding of such significance. The energy started off in the bridal suite. Tracy’s wedding party, composed of friends and family, were full of unmatched energy and excitement. To be in their presence was to know that they were there to support Tracy on her special day, in every way imaginable. One of the standout moments of the wedding party in the bridal suite was during Tracy’s dress reveal. They were over the moon to see Tracy in her white wedding dress. And their frenzied reaction was off the charts amazing!

Tracy and Alex’s wedding ceremony took place on the grounds of Heritage Estate in Arroyo Grande. The lush green lawn was manicured to perfection and the crisp blue sky hung overhead as they were joined in marriage. But where their wedding day really came to life was during the Nigerian wedding ceremony and reception!

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The bride and groom changed out of their Western attire and into their Nigerian attire. My favorite part of the Nigerian wedding ceremony (which was held during the reception), was when the wedding party took turns trying to playfully seduce Tracy and Alex, in an over-the-top fun and silly way. This is done as a way to test the loyalty that Tracy and Alex have to one another. As per tradition, Alex was also to prostrate himself in front of Tracy’s family. This tradition requires the groom to lay all the way face down on the floor (the chest must be touching the floor), in front of the bride’s family. This is done as a sign of respect and humility. Once this process is complete, the groom takes his seat and the bride’s family is open to ask him questions. 

At the end of the Nigerian ceremony, I took Tracy and Alex outside to work with them on sunset wedding photography. With the glowly sun in the backdrop and the bride and groom in their beautifully vibrant attire, it was the perfect opportunity for a private moment where they could soak up every element of their amazing day. To see each moment of Tracy and Alex’s Heritage Estate Wedding in Arroyo Grande, scroll through the photos below.

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