Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa Wedding Pismo Beach

This summer wedding at Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa at Pismo Beach was a festive, vibrant day with immaculate vibes! Although it was summer, I have to admit, the weather did not want to cooperate that particular day. However, it worked out to our benefit at the end of the night when I took the brides for a sunset shoot on the beach! The sky came out to play with a gorgeous sunset full of yellow tones that perfectly contrasted Thao’s party suit. 

It’s easy to see what a fun couple Thao and Donna are! Their entire guest list was about 150 people. And each and every one of their guests matched the energy and vibrancy of Thao and Donna! But particularly their wedding party. One of the members of their wedding party walked down the aisle with a basket full of shots to pass out to seated guests before the ceremony began. Super fun, right?! The guests happily accepted the pre-ceremony gift. In fact, they were so surprised and erupted in laughter when they realized what was being handed out! During Thao and Donna’s vows, their wedding party laughed with them and cried with them. It’s outwardly apparent how much love the brides closest friends & family have for their union.

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One of the most amazing aspects of Thao and Donna’s wedding day occurred during the reception! The brides had a traditional Chinese lion dance with two Cantonese lions appearing before them. The Chinese lion dance is performed at weddings to bless the couple with a long and happy marriage. The dance is also thought to ward off any evil spirits that may make their life together unfavorable. It was a beautiful performance, but overall an amazing way to infuse the bride’s culture into her new marriage!

Overall, the night was full of fun moments on the dance floor, a beautifully crafted plated dinner, and a fun candy car for guests of all ages. The final touch was a boho-themed photo booth trailer that had guests picking up props and striking a pose as soon as the reception opened! Scroll through the photos below to see more of Thao and Donna’s Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa Wedding!

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