Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa Wedding

Gabriela & Rafael’s wedding at Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa was the blending of two beautiful families, in a joyful celebration! Lake Arrowhead is such a small slice of paradise tucked away right next to the desert of San Bernardino. I have to admit, I was totally blown away by the location. Who knew that such a lush getaway existed so close to the hot desert of California?! It felt like stepping into another country entirely.

I originally met Gabriela and Rafael during their engagement session. We bonded over our shared interest in wellness & meditation. After talking with them for a bit, I instantly picked up on their tender, loving nature, and how mindful they are one of another. It was during that session that I could see how truly unique their love story is. After our initial meeting, I was super excited to work with them again at their wedding at Lake Arrowhead.

Their wedding at Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa was a celebration of their story. But also a festive blending of the love of their two families. Their children were involved in every aspect of their wedding day from flower girl and ring bearer duties to dance floor captains and even bubble blowers! Those bubble blowers were beyond adorable by the way! It was so beautiful to see the amount of uninhibited joy they had for their parents that day.

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Another beautiful aspect of Gabriela and Rafael’s wedding day was their unity ceremony. They had a traditional Mexican lasso unity ceremony, also known as El Lazo. During the lasso ceremony, the lasso (which can be made of beads, string, or flowers) was placed around Gabriela and Rafael in an infinity symbol. The lasso is used to signify their mutual support for one another. Typically, the lasso is placed on each individual by a wedding sponsor. Gabriela and Rafael had each of their mothers present to drape the lasso over them in this beautifully symbolic union.

Once they were officially pronounced married, I snuck the bride and groom down to the lakeside docks to take advantage of the gorgeous sunset! The view of the lake with the mountains in the backdrop was so incredible, I knew it would be the perfect location for their wedding portraits. Scroll through the photos in the blog below to see every moment of Gabriela & Rafael’s wedding at Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa!

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