Hammersky Vineyards Surprise Proposal

When it comes to dropping the knee, there’s no better plan than a Hammersky Vineyards Surprise Proposal in beautiful Paso Robles, CA.


Yuri reached out to me a few weeks before his plan would come to fruition, and so we arranged a stealthy scheme for me to candidly capture his surprise proposal with his partner, Ashley…and yeah, she was pretty surprised lol! I hid in plain sight at the vineyard with my cameras hidden away, then when I saw Ashley & Yuri walking up to the iconic oak tree pictured above, I knew it was time to rush up the hill to capture the big moment. Everything was AMAZING and we couldn’t have had better conditions! So stoked for these two and their new lives together. <3

Peep the full gallery over yonder: Ashley & Yuri ~ Surprise Proposal

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