Grass Room DTLA Wedding ~ Steph & Frank

The Grass Room in DTLA is a hip, contemporary, industrial wedding venue with an artsy vibe. Steph & Frank’s wedding day at the Grass Room was super stylish, and with a number of cool backdrops at this venue, it made taking their wedding portraits an experience!

Steph and I met a few years back. It was at the wedding of one of my previous couples. At the time, Steph was part of the wedding party as a bridesmaid! She loved the photos of her friend’s wedding so much that when her day came, she didn’t hesitate to reach out to me. I was filled with so much gratitude when I heard from her. But overall, super excited to capture her and Frank’s special wedding day at such an amazing venue.

It’s hard to put into words the number of elements that co-exist at the Grass Room. But Steph & Frank’s wedding day style truly flourished inside its walls. Their wedding guests were welcomed into the ceremony area by a gorgeous display of hanging paper cranes. In Japanese culture, a paper crane is a symbol of love. Having 1,000 paper cranes at a wedding is considered to bestow a blessing upon the couple of “a thousand years of happiness & prosperity”. I found it to be a beautifully symbolic way to mark the celebration of their union.

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Aside from the gorgeous paper cranes, Steph & Frank had custom signage in every corner of their venue. By the bar, there was a letter board with a “timeline” of events for the day. There was also a display at their ceremony asking guests to unplug and be fully present in the moment. But there was more to the unplugged ceremony sign than meets the eye. Steph & Frank involved their guests in their wedding ceremony with a ring warming. Their wedding rings were passed around to guests as a way for them to pass their love on to the bride & groom.

One thing is for sure though, Steph and Frank know how to have a good laugh together! I think it says a lot about the dynamic of a couple’s relationship when their favorite person to laugh with is each other. Laughter was an ever-present force on Steph & Frank’s wedding day, just as much as the unique elements. Scroll through the photos below to see the disco ball dance floor and the fun treat they surprised their guests with towards the end of the night!

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